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Colorina going to schoolCute girl colorina is going to school. Colorina is carrying ber school bag. Colorina is happy to go to school.
Coloring doing her homeworkCute girl colorina is doing her homework. Colorina has got some classwork to do at home. Colorina is drawing objects using pencil, rubber, scale etc. Cute little girl colorina is enjoying her homework.
Colorina and her friend.Colorina and her friend are discussing their school work. Colorina is showing her friend what she made for schoolwork. Colorina is happy with school work.
Colorina an artist.Cute little girl colorina is a great artist. Colorina has drawn a little girl's image on her canvas. Now colorina is filling colors in the image. Cute colorina is an fantastic artist.
Colorina off to schoolColorina is going to school. Colorina is carrying her school bag on a small trolley. Colorina enjoy's going to school and completing all her class work and homework.
Colorina and her artist mind.Colorina is sitting on the chair near the table and thinking what to draw on her school assigment. Colorina has a blank paper and her drawing material in her small purse. Sweet girl colorina has good artist mind, she can make good drawing.
Colorina a TeacherColorina is teaching her classmate thru black board. Our colorina is very intelligent girl. Colorina is explain her friends all how to do adding.
Colorina a happy girl.Colorina is very cute and obidien girl. Colorina never tries to bunk school. Colorina is happy to go to school and enjos doing her school work and home work.
Colorina and her friendsColorina is enjoying with her friends. Colorina and her friends are playing on the ground. One of the colorina's friends is playing with a toy car. While the two little girls are holding a baby doll in their hands. Colorina wants to out her baby doll in the toy car.
Colorina is punishedPoor colorina has been punished by her teacher. Colorina did not do her home work correctly. Now colorina is punished by the teacher. The teacher has made colorina to stand out of the class.
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