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Colorina and her emotionsColorina has love in her eyes. Colorina is very cute and sweet little girl. All her emotions are reflected in her eyes.
A thinking eyesColorina has made a sketch of her own self. In the sketch the eyes of the girl looks like thinking. Girl is worried about some thing. Colorina has an excellent way to express her feelings
A smiling eyesColorina has made a good expressive sketch of smiling girl. Colorina has an excellent vision to draw sketches with emition in it eyes. Excellent artist is Colorina. You can make it to coloring page or printable drawing.
A cute smileColorina has given a cute smile to the girl in the sketch. Colorina has an excellent artsit skill to draw a good printable drawing or to make it to coloring page. Cute girl colorina is very expressive about her feeling thru drawing.
Wining smile of colorinaColorina has done an excellent sketch of her feelings. Colorina is giving a wining smile in the sketch. Colorina has an excellent artist vision of her thought. you can color this accoring to your imagination.
A sad day for colorinaColorina had a bad day today in her school. Colorina has expressed her feeling in the printable drawing sketch. Colorina is very sad today. Colorina cannot hide her bad emition and went on to express it into the sketch.
A tried day outColorina has a tring day today. Colorina has to do lot of school work as well as home assignments of school. Colorina looks very tried. Colorina has expressed her tried feeling on this sketch.
Colorina's worried eyesColorina has a very busy day today. Colorina was not upto mark today in her school, with her assignments. Colorina looks very worried of her messed-up work.
Crying of everythingColorina is crying. Colorina has been punished by her teacher in the school, because she was has not completed her home assigments and also not done her class work properly. Although colorina is a very good and obedient girl. Colorina has a bad day today.
A suprise happy smile of colorinaColorina is surprised by her result. Colorina has secure an excellent grade in her exame. Colorina is happy to have got on top of all the student in her class. Colorina has expressed her feeling thru this printable drawing.
Dream in her eyes.Colorina has big dreams in her eyes. Colorina wants to be a good citizen of the world. Colorina loves to go all over the places and see the world with her own eyes.
Surpised setback for colorinaColorina has a suprised sad day today in her school as well as in her home. Colorina was punished by her teacher for not propely doing her maths assigment. All her maths solution were wrong, and she was punished for that by her teacher. Cute girl colorina had a terrible day today.
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